Dentta Supreme Nano Ortho Adhesive ( Light Cure)

Reference: DTC 60-04


Light Cure Nano-Orthodontic Adhesive material is highly filled 80% by weight. With the smallest particle size of 7 nano-meters compared with most conventional Nano-composite on the market. Offering the most desirable characteristics, in versatility, easy of handling, aesthetic & reliability. The material is designed for direct bonding of ceramics, plastic & metal brackets. Due to the fact that this is a light cure material, there is a relief from the time pressure which contributes to easy of working with the material. The dentist therefore, has plenty of time for cleaning the excess of adhesive around the bracket bases obtaining reproducible bond strength & bracket placement.


Outstanding Features of the Material

  • VirtuaIIy -limited working time
  • Highly reliable
  • Ease of application
  • Versatile -bonds ceramic, plastic and metal brackets
  • Works wall with conventional curing lights, operating in the visible wavelength range and laser curing instruments
  • Superior resistance to discoloration
  • Fast cure
  • Economy of use
  • virtually no waste
DTC 60-04
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