Precision Flowable Composite Light Cured Kit

Reference: DTC 70-07


Our Leading Hybrid Composite now comes in Flowable!

Precision Flowable Composite is 67% filled (by weight) formulation allowing the
composite to easily flow into difficult areas and its precision controlled syringe
delivery system allows for easy placement. It is a composite based on resin system
of BIS-GMA and Triethylene Glycol Dimethacrylate. The filler has particle size ranging from 1.5 microns which releases flouride.. Contains 2% Sodium Flouride (by weight).


Precision Light Activated, Medium Viscosity Flowable Composite is designed for use in Class III and V, and select IV aesthetic restoration, for preparing enamel defects and porcelain restorations, minor occlusal build-ups in non stress bearing areas, pits and fissure sealants, cements for ceramic/composite veneers, incisal abrasion, filling cervical gaps caused by tooth erosion and receding gums. It can also be used to eliminate undercuts prior to taking impression for composite inlays and to line cavities and fill in difficult areas prior to placing condensable composites.

DTC 70-07
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